Does your business suffer from lost productivity due to unreliable computing?

Is your data safe from loss? Let 3Net design a backup and data storage plan for your vital information.

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  Do you need an IT consultant?

Computers  for use in the small business or home office must be designed to accomplish  many tasks: organize, complete job tasks, share data with other computers to improve efficiency and archive data to be retained for records.  Was your computer system designed for information flow and work place efficiency?

Networking your computers offers a number of benefits and will almost certainly improve the efficiency in the processing of data.  Communication between the computers in your business should always be considered.  Do your computers "talk" to each other?

As more and more data is produced electronically in today's office, data security, a backup plan and emergency service and support is a necessity.  Who do you plan to call if your screen goes blank?


The local electronics super stores have shelves full of pre-built computers that appear weekly in the colorful sale ads in your Sunday newspaper.  Often they list all the "free" things you will be getting as part of the deal.  Are they really a good value?


What can a consultant do for you?

  • Help with network infrastructure planning and purchase decisions
  • Support your network to improve productivity and uptime
  • Insure your computers are protected from viruses and hackers
  • Protect your company by insruing viable backup systems are in place
  • Implement a recovery plan if you encounter a disaster

Does your business need an IT consultant?


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