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  Computing Hardware

PC's & Workstations

Nearly every office needs a computer. But what kind of computer? Standard off-the-shelf or a custom designed computer or workstation to accomplish a specific purpose? The goals should be compatibility, stability, security and performance. The workflow and intended software needs must be evauated to insure the appropriate hardware is matched.


Custom designed file and application servers offer excellent performance and stability with today's demanding server operating systems.  Stability and data integrity are key considerations, therefore servers are designed for maximum on-line time and redundant data storage.  Single, dual and quad processor configurations offer increased processing power for even the most demanding networks.

.Network Hardware

Communication and security of your computers is accomplished via a network infrastrusture. Hubs, switches, routers, print servers, cables, etc. must be selected to maximize compatibility and offer future expansion as your business needs grow.


Peripheral considerations include various input and output devices such as mice, scanners, bar-code scanners, office printers, personal printers, receipt printers and cash drawers.


All computers need software to function. However, this significant need is sometimes overlooked until after a computer is selected. A good consultant will evaluate the software needs before any hardware is selected.


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