Does your business suffer from lost productivity due to unreliable computing?

Is your data safe from loss? Let 3Net design a backup and data storage plan for your vital information.

Is your website working for you? Let 3Net design and create a website that serves your customers and your business.

  Internet Presence

What can a website do for your small business?

  • Provide your customers with information on hours of operation, location and contact names, phone numbers and addresses

  • Provide product and service information including specifications

  • Provide your products to your customers via an eCommerce web store
  • Provide emergency numbers for service or support

  • Provide supporting documentation and user manuals for your products and services

  • Provide promotional information and coupons

  • Solicit feedback on customer satisfaction

  • Provide company eMail addresses to your employees (

What can 3Net Solutions do for you?

  • Assist in registration of your domain name and setup of your website

  • Create your custom website utilizing standard or custom artwork

  • Obtain images of your company, products, employees or related marketing subjects

  • Scan existing photos, as required, to include on your website

  • Setup your eCommerce web store to sell your products via your website
  • Setup eMail addresses for your employees

  • Assist in setup of your eMail client software to access your mail


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